Carrigan & Maddie | Idaho Engagement |Engagement Photographer

These two are the cutest and we seriously had so much fun out at the Chateau Des Fleurs and in Hidden Springs.

This beautiful girl had the surprise of her life February 18 at The Vintage Wedding Show hosted at the Chateau des Fleurs! It was the day after her 18th birthday. Maddie was part of the fashion show and Carrigan was most definitely her Prince. She had NO clue he would propose right there on the runway for all to see. Maddie’s favorite part of the evening was definitely at the end of the fashion show when Carrigan walked down the runway while their song was playing. Maddie was videoing him walking down the runway and suddenly he stopped in front of her chair. I would imagine this princess had the sweetest of dreams that night, that is, if she slept at all.

Thank you so much to Idowed    Chateau Des Fleurs Rooney Mae Couture  and the many other amazing artist who helped this lovely couple have a dream proposal!



Sanders Family | Idaho | Family Photographer

I absolutely adore this family! Ohh how the odds were against us this day, freezing weather, children not happy and a total of 15 minutes to work with:) But hey we can do that right:) No problem! Well not really, LOL. We worked a little magic in the middle of some snow and brought some fun into what may have been a tad bit of a dreary day!    No worries, we got this!  Hot chocolate and a nice hot Fire here we come!


Amber & Ivan | Jerome Engagement |

Ivan and Amber met in high school. Amber was the new girl and Ivan had been there all his life. He said Amber was different from other girls and he wanted to get to know her. Ivan was just a tad too shy to ask for her number so his friend had to do it for him. Soon after that we started talking, and then than became like the best of friends and went everywhere together. Since that day, Ivan and Amber have been inseparable. They are still best friends and have always have fun everywhere they go. This last summer they decided to do a California road trip. One of their stops was Huntington beach. The sun was setting and Ivan took Amber for a walk on the beach. It was there that he got on one knee and asked her to marry him.


Cathy Jo & Tim |Idaho | Elopement

Cathy Jo & Tim  are some of the most giving people you will ever have the pleasure of knowing. It was truly my honor to be able to be apart of this beautiful elopement with just a few family members present. Don’t worry Y’all the big Christmas wedding and party she  has always dreamed of for 2017 is just around the corner.2016-11-05_00012016-11-05_00022016-11-05_00032016-11-05_00042016-11-05_00052016-11-05_00062016-11-05_00072016-11-05_00082016-11-05_00092016-11-05_00102016-11-05_00112016-11-05_00122016-11-05_00132016-11-05_00142016-11-05_00152016-11-05_00162016-11-05_00172016-11-05_00222016-11-05_00182016-11-05_00192016-11-05_00242016-11-05_00202016-11-05_00212016-11-05_0023

Marshal & Rachel Weber, McCall, Idaho Wedding

Rachel and Marshal started this journey a little different, or is it really? Since Marshal owns and runs Jack City Fitness and and of course our lovely Miss Rachel may have wondered  in looking for a job. It didn’t take long before she was hired, working and connecting with the man that wan soon to be her world, her love and the journey of a lifetime.

Congratulations to both of you!

McCall, Idaho wedding 2015-10-13_0001 2015-10-13_0002 2015-10-13_0003 2015-10-13_0004 2015-10-13_0005 2015-10-13_0006 2015-10-13_0007 2015-10-13_0008 2015-10-13_0009 2015-10-13_0010 2015-10-13_0011 2015-10-13_0012 2015-10-13_0013 2015-10-13_0014 2015-10-13_0015 2015-10-13_0016

Riley & Shelly Wilcox Garden Valley Wedding, Idaho Wedding photographer

A Magical day for two incredible people, you don’t wan tot miss this story! its one to go down in history…

I first met Riley at Lauren’s wedding, it was pretty clear even that day that Shelly had found a keeper. I first met Shelly on Lauren’s 9th birthday. I knew she was a pretty special young lady when a former Miss Rodeo America managed to clear time out of her day to meet a little girl whom she does not even know for lunch.  We have been connected every since that beautiful day and she has been part of our family every since.  Shelly has managed to do everything from riding lessons, to rodeo queen lessons, which include (modeling, speech, interviews,horsemanship,photogentics and more) as well as just be an amazing friend and mentor in our lives. and Yes, she was in Lauren’s wedding, but enough about that lets move onto the magical love of two amazing people. I have always prayed for the man to come into her life that would cherish her the way she deserves, to love, honor, cherish and adore her the way she deserves. I even remember those days when she broke up with those young men who did not cherish her and their values  didn’t stand the test of time. Then came Riley. The first thing I noticed about him was his gentle hart and the way he adored her, on the first day I met him, it didn’t take long before I knew she better not let this young man go. He really was her Prince. I mean let’s be honest he even does Yoga with her, now it doesn’t get much better than that. I hope you enjoy these images as much as I absolutely loved that i had the honor of telling the magical story and I do mean magical story of there day. It  it is one to go down in history, every image tells a story of love, honor and dedication to those that love and adore them both.

Stay beautiful, Kris

Alex & Ivy

I have had the amazing privilege of knowing Alex and Ivy since the beginning of their high school days. I can say this one thing for sure, FUN, STABLE and SECURE always comes to mind when I think of the Cdebacas. Over the years we have come to love there families vey much. I am super and excited and proud of these two.  Here is to a beautiful future.