Megan & Garrett Family photos | Meridian Idaho | Family Photographer

Megan and Garrett and these babies are always fabulous! and of course  I just  always love it when I get the honor of shooting and watching kids grow up. it literally makes me smile from ear to ear.  From maternity photos, to newborn to Avery’s 1 year old pictures. I honestly hope I am still doing this to one day be able to be strong enough to pull off the wedding of one of these little sweetie pie’s…  Enjoy:)




Lexie & Reed Engaged! | Boise Idaho | Engagement Photographer |Adventure Awaits

Do fairy tales still happen?  Does that night in shining armor  still ride in on his white horse to carry his princess off to another land? Does Chivalry still exist?  Well ladies I believe when we are faithful and patient in Gods plan, He blesses us in the big things.

Adventure Awaits!  Lexie and Reed’s adventure began almost 2 years ago when I was in Japan, Ohh, I should fill you all in I am also her mom and photographer.  While Reed came over to go shooting with Travis that might be where it all began, the friendship, the fun, the entertainment and the the joy, laughter and love that has filled our home from that moment on.

From that day forward Reed has become a part of our family, yes including dinners at night.  He treats her like the princess we have always wanted for our little girl to marry, he loves God with all of his heart, he works very hard and he has the heart of a servant! it just doesn’t get much better than that.  Their personalities balance each other out which we love, it’s a good thing to because she’s got a little sas, which he says he loves’ LOL, I guess we all  do, it’s what keeps our home laughing in tears most days. She does bring us so much JoY! and I just can’t imagine it any other way.  Congratulations you to and welcome to the family Reed 🙂



So much love & fun….


A perfect day for a picnic.


Nap time anyone?


If only I could have heard what he was saying and what she was thinking:)


the look of love in their eyes, it’s so precious…


The ring, so pretty…


A kiss for a bike lesson? sure why not 😉 seems fair enough.


Bike lessons? LOL


Ty Gustin | Boise Idaho | Senior Photographer

As the evening begins to fade and we all began to wipe the ice and snow from our hair and pants;  we walked through the snow, from one location to the next.  It only began to get   colder and colder after the sun dropped behind the clouds. Ty was nothing short of AMAZING as we continued on in my crazy journey to find just the right place to bring home his Senior pictures for him. Keep your eyes open here in the next month or so for Part #2  of his Senior Set. These will be a blast as well and I am so excited for the spring session! Can’t wait.


Wade Family Maternity Session | Boise Idaho | Photographer

I Had so much fun with these guys, they braved the cold and crazy weather. We seemed to hit it all! And YES, they  were absolutely amazing.

Rheayn & Eric, Thank you for being so fabulous, fun and incredible on such a cold and some what dreary day.  I  would sure say, we made the best of it and had some fun!  You guys are the best:) I can