Kevin & Cheryl | Married | Idaho Wedding Photographer

A classic Idaho country wedding right in the heart of WINDY idaho on a beautiful spring day. Well almost perfect spring day! Since we started out the morning with crazy rain, high winds that broke the tent and my poor bride and groom had to order a new one. So this took on a whole new meaning of the wedding day going a whole lot of wrong. But let me tell you they were troopers because this was a 3 hour delay no one planned on!  But guess what here in Idaho The troops always pull together and make things happen! so with out a hitch, things got done, and our bride didn’t get to stressed and we carried on with out to much delay!   Since we had such a late winter the trees had not budded quite the way she had hoped, but once again she was a trooper because at the end of the day Miss Cheryl and Kevin get to get married! And  on a totally different note, I am beyond proud of these two, they have waited and done things right! and I can’t even wait to see what God has planned for these two love birds next. Heres to you Kevin & Cheryl!


Waiting on mom of course;)


These girls at the salon do amazing work!


WOW, beautiful!


Kevin & Cheryl had just an intimate moment right here and it was so sweet. where they just danced together alone. it was just precious!


The wind was so crazy we had to find a little place down below to do family photos and bridals winds were up to 40MPH. Welcome to Idaho ya’ll 🙂2018-04-13_00272018-04-13_00282018-04-13_00292018-04-13_00302018-04-13_00312018-04-13_00322018-04-13_00332018-04-13_00342018-04-13_0035

Sara & Brandon | Engaged | McCall wedding photographer

As I headed up the hill to McCall the weather and roads just happen to be perfect for this weekend enagement session for Sara and Brandon! Sometimes with our crazy winter weather you just don’t know what you are going to get in the dead of winter, but we were prepared! Warm blankets, hand warmers & treats for the kids. There was only one small series of unfortunate events that took place;)   The road into the cabin was so slushy and icy we couldn’t actually get in. Hey but, it was fun trying! And I did leave early so no worries there.   The Holiday Inn it was for the night. No worries!

Sara & Brandon wanted to shoot in their favorite little town of McCall, Idaho and can I say they nailed it! I mean this girl was not feeling well at all and by the look of these photos, you wouldn’t even know it. I was so proud of them! The kids were amazing!

Here are a few of my favorites from their McCall engagement session. I can’t wait for their June wedding at Sandstone Vineyards. You won’t want to miss this one, so keep your eyes out on the blog for the rest of their story!


Sanders Family | Idaho | Family Photographer

I absolutely adore this family! Ohh how the odds were against us this day, freezing weather, children not happy and a total of 15 minutes to work with:) But hey we can do that right:) No problem! Well not really, LOL. We worked a little magic in the middle of some snow and brought some fun into what may have been a tad bit of a dreary day!    No worries, we got this!  Hot chocolate and a nice hot Fire here we come!


Justin Haines & Chantal Weiss

A winter wedding in wonderland.  

November 28th, 2014 is this Bride and grooms day of magic. 

Dear true love,                                                                                                                I’m an artist without any paint, I’m the deal that everyone breaks when i’m without you. So with this ring, may you always know one thing:                                                    What little that i have to give, I will give it all to you.                                                 You’re my one true love. I am a whisper, I’m a secret that nobody keeps.                     I’m a dreamer of someone else’s dreams  When i’m without you.

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